After the Round Robin portion of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Curling tournament in Digby, Nova Scotia, Team Ontario and Team Manitoba earned automatic berths in women’s and men’s finals respectively.  Their opponents, however, needed to be determined through a series of tie-breaker matches played on March 25 and the final played on March 26.

The women’s tie breaking match in this WFG-sponsored event was a close game between second seed Team New Brunswick and third seed Team Saskatchewan.  Team New Brunswick had the hammer and took nine ends to win 8-5.

The men had two tie breaking games at the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Senior Curling Cup.  In the first game, third seed Team Newfoundland/Labrador threw rocks against fourth seed Team Saskatchewan.  The men from Newfoundland had the hammer and, thanks to some timely steals in the middle ends, won this one 8-5 in nine ends.  Team Newfoundland moved on to meet second seed Team Alberta in the second tie breaking match and although Alberta had the hammer it took their team 10 ends to squeak by Newfoundland 6-5. 

With these tie-breaking matches out of the way, the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Curling tournament, had Team New Brunswick met Team Ontario in the final match to determine the winner amongst the women’s teams.  With Ontario being the top seed, they held the hammer in the final match, but thanks to a four rock score in the eighth end, Team New Brunswick won 8-6 in 10 ends and were crowned the women’s champion. 

The men’s final in the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Curling tournament also required ten ends to determine the victor, with first seed Team Manitoba throwing rocks against Team Alberta.    Manitoba held the hammer and got off to a fast start in the first end and although the match went back and forth between the two teams, in the end, Manitoba reigned victorious by a score of 7-5, winning the title of Canadian Men’s Seniors Champions.

World Financial Group (WFG) congratulates the women’s Team New Brunswick: Jane Arseneau, Judy Blanchard, Kathy Floyd and skip Heidi Hanlon as well as men’s Team Manitoba: Lance Dealy, Don McKenzie, Gary Greening and skip Brad Hannah for their championship wins!  We also thank all the teams that made this Canadian Senior’s Tournament a thrilling event.  Look for more curling and other sports action right here on!

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