Day four of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Curling tournament in Digby, Nova Scotia had previous teams without a victory achieve a win while the sole undefeated team in the tournament is now no longer undefeated.  For this portion of the Round Robin, the women’s matches took place on sheets A, B, D and F while the men played sheets C, E, G and H.  Here are the results of these matches with an asterisk (*) by the team who had the hammer.

The results of the women’s morning matches of the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored event:

  • Team Northern Ontario* played Team British Columbia, with British Columbia winning this contest 6-4 in ten ends. 
  • Team Alberta* played Team Nova Scotia, with Alberta winning 6-2 in ten ends. 
  • Team Manitoba* threw rocks opposite Team Ontario.  This contest was all Team Ontario, winning 11-2 in seven ends, thanks to a 6 rock score in the fourth end – the highest individual end score so far in the tournament.
  • Team Northwest/Yukon Territories played opposite Team Saskatchewan*, with Saskatchewan winning a close match in ten ends by a 7-5 score.

Here is how the men did in the morning draw at the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Seniors Curling Cup:

  • Team Nova Scotia* faced off against Team Alberta.  This match was all Nova Scotia, winning 10-3 in eight ends. 
  • Team Ontario* competed against Team Manitoba in a high scoring throw down, with Manitoba winning with a score of 11-8 in ten ends.
  • Team Northwest/Yukon Territories * and Team Saskatchewan also played a high scoring game, but Saskatchewan was the victor by a score of 10-6 in nine ends.
  • Team British Columbia threw rocks against Team Northern Ontario*. This match needed eleven ends for Northern Ontario to win 9-7.

In the afternoon women’s of the World Financial Group-sponsored Seniors Curling Cup draw, two matches were won soundly while two others had close matches: 

  • Team Nova Scotia* took on Team Ontario with the latter team winning 5-4 over ten ends. 
  • Team Newfoundland/Labrador* played against Team Northwest/Yukon Territories*.  Only seven ends were needed for Newfoundland/Labrador to win this one 11-3. 
  • Team Saskatchewan played Team New Brunswick*, with New Brunswick needing ten ends to win 8-6. 
  • Team Quebec* threw rocks opposite Team Prince Edward Island, with the latter team winning 10-3 thanks to a 5 rock score in the ninth and final end.

The men’s afternoon draw had three close matches and one runaway:

  • Team Northwest/Yukon Territories* faced Team Newfoundland/Labrador*, with the latter only needing seven ends to win 11-5 thanks to a 6 rock score in the fourth end. 
  • Team Saskatchewan* saw action against a fresh Team New Brunswick, who had just began their day in the WFG-sponsored event.  The match was won by Team Saskatchewan in ten ends by a score of 5-3.  No rocks were scored until the third end. 
  • Team Quebec needed ten ends to win opposite Team Prince Edward Island* by a score of 9-7. 
  • Team Nova Scotia played Team Ontario*. Ontario took this one 6-4 in ten ends.

Finally, in the women’s evening draw of the World Financial Group-sponsored Senior Curling Cup, Team Newfoundland/Labrador* found themselves on the losing end opposite Team New Brunswick by a score of 6-4 over ten ends; Team Prince Edward Island defeated Team British Columbia* 8-6 in ten ends; Team Northern Ontario* needed eleven ends to win against Team Quebec; and Team Alberta took ten ends to beat Team Manitoba* 6-5.

The men’s evening draw featured a seven end match between Team Prince Edward Island and Team British Columbia*, with the latter team winning 10-4; Team Quebec* played Team Northern Ontario and only needed eight ends to win 9-4; Team Alberta* and Team Manitoba played a nine end match, with the former winning 7-5; and Team New Brunswick lost to Team Newfoundland/Labrador* 8-6 in ten ends.

Day four of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Tournament now features logjams on the leader’s board.  Among the women, Team Ontario and New Brunswick are the two teams are tied for first with 6-1.  Two more – Team Saskatchewan and Team Alberta – are close behind with 5-2 records while Team Prince Edward Island and Team Northern Ontario round out the top six with records of 4-3.  On the men’s leader’s board, Manitoba is now in a tie with Newfoundland/Labrador for the lead, with each team holding a 6-1 score.  Teams Alberta and Saskatchewan hold 5-2 records for second while Team Quebec is the sole holder of third place with a 4-3 record.

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