On day six of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Curling tournament in Digby, Nova Scotia, a logjam among the women remained while the men appeared to be locked and loaded for the semifinals.  Would this still be the case after the last day of the Round Robin?  Here are the day six results. An asterisk (*) denotes the team who had the hammer as well as which ice sheet the match was played on.

The women’s morning draw of WFG-sponsored event featured two close games and two decisive ones:

  • Team Northern Ontario met Team Alberta* on sheet A.  Alberta took nine ends to win by a score of 8-5.
  • Team Quebec* and Team Newfoundland/Labrador threw rocks on sheet B, and this contest was all Newfoundland, who only needed seven ends to win soundly 10-2. 
  • In a close match, Team New Brunswick* and Team Prince Edward Island played on sheet D, taking nine ends before New Brunswick won 5-3.
  • Sheet F was Team Manitoba versus Team British Columbia*.  Thanks to a seven rock score (!) in the first end, British Columbia only needed five ends to take this match 11-1.

The men’s morning draw at the World Financial Group-sponsored Senior Curling Cup featured four close games:

  • In the longest match of the tournament to date, Team Quebec* outplayed Team Newfoundland/Labrador on sheet C, winning in 11 ends with a score 8-6. 
  • Team New Brunswick* and Team Prince Edward Island threw stones on sheet E.  This match went back and forth for ten ends, with Prince Edward Island winning 9-7
  • Another seesaw game was played between Team Manitoba and Team British Columbia* on sheet G.  When it was over, Manitoba was the victor with a 7-4 score in nine ends.
  • Team Northern Ontario* met Team Alberta on sheet H, with the latter team taking ten ends to win this one 8-7.

In the afternoon women’s draw: 

  • Sheet C had Team British Columbia playing Team Saskatchewan*, with British Columbia continued their winning streak thanks to a 7-5 score over ten ends. 
  • Team Ontario and Team Alberta* threw rocks on sheet E.  Ontario needed ten ends to win 8-5. 
  • Only seven ends were need in the match between Team Quebec* and Team Nova Scotia on sheet G, with Nova Scotia the victor with a score of 7-2. 
  • Meeting on sheet H Team New Brunswick* had a solid victory over Team Northwest/Yukon Territories*, taking the contest 11-1 in seven ends.

For the men’s afternoon draw at the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored tournament:

  • Team New Brunswick and Team Northwest/Yukon Territories* met on sheet A, with the latter team needing ten ends to eke out a 5-4 victory. 
  • In another tight contest, Team British Columbia won over Team Saskatchewan* on sheet B. with the final score of 7-6 in ten ends. 
  • Team Ontario threw rocks opposite Team Alberta* on sheet D but thanks to scoring three rocks in the tenth end, Alberta won 9-5. 
  • In the sheet F match between Team Quebec and Team Nova Scotia, Quebec won 9-3 in seven ends.

The results of the women’s evening draw:

  • Team Ontario* and Team Northwest/Yukon Territories met on sheet B, with Ontario winning 7-4 in ten ends.
  • The match between Team Saskatchewan* and Team Nova Scotia on sheet D also required ten ends before Saskatchewan eked out a 5-4 victory.
  • Team Prince Edward Island was the victor in its match against Team Northern Ontario on sheet G, with a score of 7-3 in nine ends.
  • Team Manitoba and Team Newfoundland/Labrador were on sheet H, with Newfoundland taking the contest 11-4 in nine ends.

And the men’s evening draw ended the Round Robin portion of the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Seniors Curling tournament:

  • Team Manitoba* continued their winning ways, defeating Team Newfoundland/Labrador 9-6 on sheet A.
  • Team Northwest/Yukon Territories and Team Ontario* played on sheet C.  Ontario only needed eight ends to win 8-3.
  • Sheet E saw Team Saskatchewan* and Team Nova Scotia play to an 8-4 score, in a nine end game, with Saskatchewan the winner.
  • And Team Prince Edward Island* played Team Northern Ontario on sheet F, with Northern Ontario winning 10-5 in seven ends.

The teams that continue in the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Curling tournament now enter a sudden death playoff.  In the Women’s tournament, Team Ontario and Team New Brunswick were tied at the end of the Round Robin.  Due to Ontario’s victory over New Brunswick earlier, they emerged as the Round Robin winner and earned a bye straight to the final match on Saturday, March 26.  The semifinal match on the evening of March 25 will be between Team New Brunswick and Team Saskatchewan, who placed third overall.

For the men, Team Manitoba earned a bye straight to the final match.  Their opponent will be determined in a tiebreaker between Teams Newfoundland/Labrador and Saskatchewan on the afternoon of March 25.  The winner of that match will meet Team Alberta – who earned a bye by defeating both teams – in the evening semifinal.

We at World Financial Group (WFG) congratulate all these fine teams for their exciting play.  Keep reading wfgsports.com for all the latest curling action!

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