The 2011 World Financial Group (WFG) Canadian Seniors Curling tournament in Digby, Nova Scotia is becoming more focused as the competition advances.  The women’s matches took place on sheets C, E, G and H while the men played sheets A, B, D and F.  Below are the results of these matches with an asterisk (*) by the team who had the hammer.

The results of the women’s morning matches of the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored event:

  • Team New Brunswick* competed against Team Alberta, and although Team New Brunswick needed ten ends, they won 10-5 thanks to four rocks in the final end. 
  • Team British Columbia* threw rocks opposite Team Quebec, and won 7-5 in nine ends. 
  • Team Manitoba* threw rocks opposite Team Prince Edward Island.  In one of the higher scoring matches of the day, Team Manitoba won 10-7 in nine ends.
  • Team Newfoundland/Labrador played opposite Team Northern Ontario*, with Northern Ontario winning the match 10-5 in eight ends.

All four matches on the men’s morning draw for the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Seniors Curling Cup played to ten ends. The results:

  • Team Newfoundland/Labrador* took on Team Northern Ontario.  In a very close match, Team Newfoundland used the hammer to eke out a 6-5 win. 
  • Team New Brunswick* competed against Team Alberta, with Team New Brunswick winning with a score of 8-6.
  • Team British Columbia* and Team Quebec was another close match, but Team Quebec won it 5-4.
  • Team Manitoba* threw rocks against Team Prince Edward Island, and won the match 7-4.

The afternoon draw for the women saw lots of action. 

  • Team Northern Ontario* took on Team Northwest/Yukon Territories with the latter team winning 7-5 over ten ends. 
  • Team Manitoba faced Team Nova Scotia* with Team Nova Scotia only needing seven ends to win 10-3. 
  • Team Saskatchewan started their day late against Team Alberta, but the late start was a benefit to Team Saskatchewan, who won 8-5 in nine ends. 
  • And in the longest match of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Tournament so far, Team Ontario took 11 ends to defeat Team British Columbia* 10-9.

In the afternoon men’s draw:

  • Team Ontario had their first match of the day against Team British Columbia*, with Team Ontario using ten ends to win 7-6. 
  • Team Northern Ontario competed against a fresh Team Northwest/Yukon Territories*, who had just began their day in the WFG-sponsored event.  The match went to Team Northern Ontario in ten ends by a score of 8-6. 
  • Team Manitoba eked out a 5-4 win opposite Team Nova Scotia*. 
  • Team Saskatchewan* played Team Alberta, with the latter team winning 10-5 in eight ends.

Finally, in the women’s evening draw of the World Financial Group-sponsored Senior Curling Cup Team Ontario* won 9-4 over eight ends opposite Team Prince Edward Island; Team Saskatchewan* needed only seven ends to defeat Team NL 11-4; Team Quebec* won opposite Team Northwest/Yukon Territories 5-7 in ten ends; and Team New Brunswick took ten ends to beat Team Nova Scotia* 8-6.

The men started their evening draw with a match between Team Nova Scotia and Team New Brunswick*, with the latter team winning 8-6 in nine ends.  Team Prince Edward Island threw rocks against Team Ontario* and required 11 ends for Team PEI to win 6-5.  Team Newfoundland eked out an 8-7 win against Team Saskatchewan* in ten ends, and Team Quebec defeated Team Northwest/Yukon Territories* by a score of 7-4 in nine ends.

At the end of day three of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Tournament, the women’s teams of from Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick are leading with 4-1 records.  For the men, Team Manitoba remains the sole undefeated rink with a 5-0 record, but Teams Alberta and Newfoundland are close behind with 4-1 records.  Will day four result in a change in the scoreboard?  Come back to to find out!

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