On the second day of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored Canadian Seniors Tournament in Digby, NS, each team played in two matches over three draws: morning, afternoon and evening.  For clarification, the team holding the hammer, the last rock advantage for the match, is designated with an asterisk (*).

In the women’s morning draw of the competition Team Saskatchewan competed but lost to Team Prince Edward Island*, with the score of 8-7 in 11 ends; Team New Brunswick* was victorious over Team Quebec scoring 9-3 in eight ends; Team Northwest/Yukon Territories* could not best Team Nova Scotia, with the latter team winning 6-5 in ten ends; and Team Newfoundland/Labrador* was upset by Team Ontario with a final score of 9-8 in eleven ends.

During the men’s morning draw of the World Financial Group -sponsored competition, Team New Brunswick* took on Team Quebec with the latter team taking eleven ends to win with a score of 6-4; Team Northwest/Yukon Territories* was rocked by Team Nova Scotia who won 6-2 in nine ends; Team Newfoundland/Labrador played Team Ontario*, with Team Newfoundland/Labrador winning 7-4 in nine ends; and Team Saskatchewan bested Team Prince Edward Island* 9-7 in ten ends.

The women’s afternoon draw saw Team Alberta take won over Team Quebec*, taking the game 8-3 in eight ends; Team Northern Ontario* was the victor in its game against Team Manitoba, winning by a score of 6-3 in nine ends; in an 11-end match Team Prince Edward Island* beat Team Newfoundland/Labrador with a score of 9-8; and Team New Brunswick* beat Team British Columbia 9-7 in nine ends.

The men’s afternoon draw of the WFG-sponsored curling competition featured Team Manitoba* beating Team Northern Ontario in ten ends with a score of 6-5; Team Newfoundland won opposite Team Prince Edward Island* 6-5 in ten ends; Team British Columbia was the victor against Team New Brunswick with a score of 8-6 in nine ends; and Team Alberta was victorious over Team Quebec* in eight ends and a score of 9-3.

The women’s evening draw saw Team Northwest/Yukon Territories win 9-4 in eight ends opposite Team Manitoba*; Team Saskatchewan* bested Team Ontario threw rocks opposite each other with Team SK winning 8-6.  Team AB defeated Team BC* 7-5 in ten ends.  And Team NO* won against Team NS 9-8 in ten ends.

And the men’s evening draw saw Team ON play Team SK*, with the hammer holder winning 7-4 in nine ends.  Team AB* beat Team BC 9-5 in nine ends.  The first shutout of the 2011 World Financial Group (WFG) Canadian Seniors Tournament occurred between Team NO* over Team NS with a 3-0 score in nine ends (in fact, nobody scored until the sixth end).  And the last match of the day saw Team MB soundly beat Team NT/YT* 10-6 in eight ends.

What a full day of World Financial Group (WFG) Canadian Seniors Curling Cup action!  Be sure to return to wfgsports.com for all the latest on this exciting tournament.  And to learn more about WFG, visit www.worldfinanciagroup.com.

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