As we celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month this month and continue our efforts to help 100,000 Families in 100 Days, we continue execute efforts to stress the importance of having life insurance. We continue by helping to educate families on the benefits of having insurance and bring peace of mind.

Here is a story shared with us by a family to WFG associate, Art Villanueva, from the WFG Santa Fe Springs office:

My wife, two daughters, and I almost lost our lives recently. My car popped a tire and rolled over to the opposite side of the highway into oncoming traffic. Thank goodness no one hit us, but we were air lifted to nearby hospitals to make sure there were no other injuries. We are all at home and doing well. The girls are on crutches and they both had a pretty bad beating. Now that they’re safe, I’m wondering what would have happened if we weren’t covered with life insurance.

I’m sharing my view because some people think it wouldn’t happen to them because I was one of those people. My girls take their seatbelts off often to fall asleep while in the car. One of them mentioned before she took hers off that morning, she had a gut feeling not to and decided to leave it on. We were all wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash, which ultimately saved our lives.

I will never look at having life insurance the same again and I am very grateful you shared the importance of having coverage.

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