Many people are happy that they didn't overspend during the holidays.

Many people are happy that they didn’t overspend during the holidays.

Overspending during the holidays can be a worry for many people, especially when trying to set a good tone for a personal finance strategy heading into the new year. A number of Americans recently took this to heart, and may now be in a better monetary position than before.

More than one-quarter of individuals did not spend the amount that they thought they would during the holidays, a report from explained. Another 57 percent noted that their spending levels were on-par with expectations, while just 14 percent felt they overspent during the period.

When it comes to how much a person earns, no group went out of their way to spend more money than they planned to for the holidays, the report said. Further good news was noted as only those in the highest income category researched were more likely to shell out more cash than any others.

The only age group that experienced financial issues that were more complicated now than one year ago were people 65 years of age and older, the report added. A similar issue remained for those who earned less than $30,000 per year, as they were also more likely to be in a worse situation.

Many Americans may be on verge of improvement
While problems still remain for some Americans, there may be a personal finance shift on the way as a number of people get their financial strategies in order.

Six in 10 Americans have made an effort to keep up with their credit performance in the past 12 months, according to a survey from Wells Fargo. Close to 40 percent noted that they are happy with their score, while just 22 percent are worried.

“77 percent of Americans feel their financial situation is moderate to good – which is great news as we move ahead to 2014,” said Gary Korotzer, executive vice president with the consumer credit solutions group at Wells Fargo. “It is important for consumers to put themselves in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing their finances responsibly. An optimistic outlook for the future is an important key to financial success along with having clear goals and charting a course to get there.”

Nearly 40 percent noted that they are paying off their credit card debt on a monthly basis, the report added. Close to the same level said they made the effort to save money for a purchase instead of just charging it.

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