World Financial Group-sponsored chuckwagon racer Buddy Bensmiller participated in the 75th annual Ponoka Stampede from June 27 to July 3. Buddy raced in the fifth heat opposite Luke Tournier, Jordie Fike and Rae Croteau, Jr., unless noted otherwise.  How did Buddy and the WFG wagon do?

Day one had Buddy finishing with a time of 1:15.73, which earned him fourth place and 19 points.  Day two also saw Buddy and his wagon fourth across the finish line with a time of 1:18.11, earning him 7 points.

Buddy’s fortunes were better on the third day of the diamond jubilee Ponoka Stampede.  In this race, Buddy and the WFG wagon finished first with a time of 1:15.55, which earned him 19 points.  And, although Buddy finished third on day four of the stampede, with a time of 1:18.63, two of his outriders finished before the wagon resulting in a two second penalty, giving him an official result of 1:20.63 and 9 points. 

On the fifth day of racing, Buddy saw a change of pace with his opponents changing in the day’s first heat to Brian Mayan, Dave Galloway and Chance Bensmiller, Buddy’s son.  In a tight race between father and son — with Buddy barely holding Chance off — Buddy ultimately finished first with a time of 1:15.48, earning him 25 points for his efforts.

On the last day of the Ponoka Stampede, Buddy raced in the second heat opposite Cody Ridsdale, Chad Harden and Darcy Flad.  Among these new competitors, Buddy finished third with a time of 1:17.13, earning 11 points.

For the Ponoka Stampede, Buddy finished in the top 30 with a time of 6:25.20 and 90 points.  Thus far in 2011 season, Buddy is 23rd in the standings with 343 points.  Keep reading for the latest on this WFG-sponsored chuckwagon driver!

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