Many people are having trouble paying for college.

Many young people may be dealing with issues regarding their financial strategy to a notable amount of college-related debt, and it could be changing their mind about the value of going to school.

Only approximately 50 percent of consumers think that college is a good investment, a report from Country Financial explained. This is notably lower than the previous year’s figure of 57 percent, as well as the statistic in 2008, when it was 81 percent.

“It’s disappointing to see Americans devaluing a college degree,” said Joe Buhrmann, manager of financial security support at Country Financial. “It’s clear that the Great Recession is still rippling through the U.S. economy, now shaking our confidence in higher education. But as much as rising tuition costs and student loans tarnish the perception of this investment, having a college degree remains an important differentiator in the job market.”

Some of the issues may revolve around a need for improved financial discipline. More than 45 percent of consumers only pay their minimum fees when it comes to their college loan payments, and less than 40 percent pay more than the minimum required when paying. There already is 5 percent who have loans in default, while 10 percent don’t make regular payments.

One of the issues related to having trouble paying necessary bills may be using too much money in other situations. A report from noted that 15 percent of consumers are in debt because of overspending. Approximately 40 percent are in debt of at least $1,000 because of this, and 20 percent of more than $5,000 at one point. More than 10 percent noted they shop too much and buy items as much as they can.

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