Some consumers are comparing prices on their smartphones when shopping.

With the school year right around the corner, many parents may be dealing with worries on how they will pay for it all. Young people with small children may still have some bills to pay, and it could have an effect on their financial strategy.

A good portion of parents take the time to find out about products they will purchase for their children before actually buying them. According to a repot from PriceGrabber, close to 80 percent will look at emails from stores, check websites and even look on blogs for deals.

Nearly 60 percent of parents noted they will aim to purchase items that are on sale instead of looking around at options, the report explained. More than two-fifths felt it was better to go to the store and compare similar offerings.

Close to 40 percent noted that buying online was their preferred method for the most essential items, the report said. Approximately the same amount said they will increase their online shopping this year compared to what they did in the past.

“Back-to-school consumers are innovative and resourceful shoppers who are helping to shape the way retailers market their products,” said Sharon Banfield, director of public relations for PriceGrabber.

Many parents are taking to their smartphones instead of their computers to get good deals, as well. The report noted that nearly half would seek out discounts on their phone this year. Close to 70 percent will look up the prices of items while in the store.

Coupons valuable to many shoppers
Having a strong financial plan can come from purchasing items for the right price. Many people may be taking advantage of this information, in order to get what they need out of their shopping experience without breaking the bank.

Nearly 55 percent of shoppers noted that they want to purchase brands that offer coupons, according to a report from Close to half of those polled felt that using coupons showed they were good at finding the right deals.

“Retail watchers will be fascinated by consumer behaviors and attitudes about shopping and saving in some of the most active e-commerce countries around the world,” said John Faith, senior vice president of external affairs for RetailMeNot.

Three-quarters of those polled added that saving money on a daily basis is necessary when shopping, the report explained.

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