Credit card debt affects some Americans’ monthly budgets.

Individuals dealing with complex financial strategies may have trouble paying off all of their bills, but without a notable amount of financial discipline, this could cause them some problems down the line.

One issue for many is credit card debt. This can be a major issue, especially if it is not paid down. However, some may not be doing enough to ensure they have their finances in order. Nearly 20 percent of Americans noted that they do not think it is a bad idea to have credit card debt linger each month, according to a report from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

“This data suggests that not only are many Americans are using credit cards to fund a lifestyle their income can’t support, but they are comfortable doing so,” said Gail Cunningham, spokesperson for the NFCC.

Despite these issues, there are still some who are prioritizing their debt payments. The report noted that more than six in 10 individuals feel that getting rid of credit card debt on a monthly basis is the best way to keep their finances in order.

There were also some who avoided using credit cards at all, as the report showed that more than one-fifth of consumers chose to pay for purchases through other monetary channels.

Many Americans value savings while shopping
Another way that some may keep their debt down is seeking out ways to have purchases cost less during the month.

Nearly 55 percent of Americans go out of their way to purchase items that come with coupons, according to a report from Another 48 percent noted that using coupons with their purchases helped them feel like they were being more successful shoppers.

Saving money was a high priority for many consumers, as approximately three-quarters of respondents explained that they feel it is important to try and save their funds, the report found. Close to half felt that they go out of their way to save money on each purchase they make on a daily basis.

More than 55 percent of those polled explained that when they see a discount or price-cut, they are more likely to purchase that item, the report noted. However, women were more likely to seek out deals than men, with approximately 61 percent of women prioritizing this, and only half of those men polled.

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