The World Financial Group-sponsored Ferbey 4 are on a tear (or is that a roar?) at the 2009 “Roar of the Rings” in their hometown of Edmonton, AB.  A 3-1 record currently has our guys in a three way tie for second place among two other Edmonton rinks.  How would day four fare for our “Kings of Canadian Curling”?

The only match this day for Randy, David, Scott and Marcel was the fellow Edmonton rink Kevin Martin.  The first end resulted in a no-starter for either team.  But Martin’s rink, which had the hammer, jumped to a 3-0 lead in the second end and never looked back.  Our guys in the WFG curling shirts put up a good fight, but ended up losing 9-5.  Marcel was the best shooter among both teams at 97% accuracy. 

The last day of the round robin portion of the Roar has the tied for third Ferbey 4 starting the morning opposite current first place holder Glenn Howard out of Coldwater, ON.  Later in the afternoon, Randy and the guys take on the fellow Edmonton rink of Kevin Koe.  Should tie-breakers need to be played, they will begin in the evening.  Let’s keep cheering on our team to Olympic Gold! 

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