The luge competition came to end yesterday at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It was an exciting day of sliding for USA Luge, proudly sponsored by World Financial Group.  For USA Luge, there were two doubles teams competing for Olympic Gold. 

In their second trip to the Olympics, the team of Christian Niccum and Dan Joye finished sixth overall with races of 41.602 and 41.689 (1:23.291 combined).  This was only 0.586 seconds away from the Gold medal winners Andreas and Wolfgang Linger from Austria. 

WFG-adopted athletes Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin finished 13th with runs of 41.821 and 42.184 (1:24.005 combined).  These 2002 Bronze medal winners at Salt Lake City Winter Olympics were 1.3 seconds off the leaders.

It’s been a real thrill for WFG luge fans to follow these amazing athletes as they compete on the world stage.  Keep reading for the latest on “the fastest sport on ice”! 

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