We’ve all seen a medal stand before.  That’s the thingamajig athletes stand on after finishing first, second and/or third after a sporting event.  The third place finisher, or bronze medalist, stands on the lowest step off the ground.  The second place finisher, or silver medalist, stands a little higher than the third place finisher, and the overall winner, or gold medalist” stands above all the athletes on the highest step possible.  Normally we see the medal stand at the Olympics.  The winners receive their medals and then the flags of those athlete’s countries are raised and the national anthem of the gold medalist’s country is performed.


Below, courtesy of Gordy Sheer at USA Luge, is WFG-sponsored USA Junior World Cup team member Emily Sweeney on the medal stand in Igls, Austria after the final Junior World Cup event of the season.  And let me tell you, readers, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the World Financial Group (WFG) logo on anyone standing on the medal stand!



Emily won the Gold in the Youth A (under 18) category with a two-run combined time of 1:22.087.  This was 0.141 seconds ahead of silver medalist Luzie Löscher of Germany.  This victory also placed Emily fourth overall for the season.  Also finishing in the top ten for this event was Emily’s teammate Summer Britcher with a time of 1:22.486, good for eighth place.  Summer also finished in the top ten for the season, coming in ninth place.


The winning doesn’t stop there for the WFG-sponsored USA Luge Junior team.  From team competition last weekend, USA Luge members Robby Huerbin, Kate Hansen, Trent Matheson and Taylor Morris ran a combined 2:11.402 to take first in front of Austria and Germany.  Here is our winning quartet sporting their newly won gold.



Congratulations on a fine season!  And keep reading the latest from USA Luge here from WFG.

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