The excitement for Convention continued to rise as WFG Associates attended the first day of workshops on July 31.

Associates had the option to choose from 12 different workshops with a wide range of subjects such as business building, sales concepts, and motivation from peers. The day concluded with the exclusive SMD meeting with almost 4,000 in attendance. Attendees had the privilege to hear from their fellow leaders who provided personal stories of inspiration, emotion and triumph in the business.

The highlight of the meeting included the WFG-sponsored NASCAR sensation, Trevor Bayne and Motivational Speaker, Nido Qubein. “I came [to this country] with a heart filled with hope; a soul filled with desire”, says Qubein. “Circumstances don’t define the person you become, your choices do.”

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  1. The convention was so powerful! It was my first time ever attending a convention with 21,000 people. It blew me away and almost everybody got so emotional including me. I will never forget what I’ve witnessed and experienced.

  2. Stephanie H. TUCSON August 5, 2013 at 6:59 PM

    It was my first time at convention and I learned so much! I was continuously moved to tears listening to everyone’s different stories. I was especially moved by Cameron Machaoud’s story. I work with students and those with special needs or learning difficulties are near and dear to my heart. When he shared how hard it was for him and his speech impediment, yet is a very successful person was so uplifting! I met so many inspirational people from all walks of life, yet are making it in the business. Unwavering belief in themselves whether or not they were supported by family or not. I have found my “WHY” now I need to do the “HOW”! Thank you for the motivation to succeed and one day cross the stage with fellow team members into the threshholds of a new life!!

  3. Unbelievable convention!!! I have been in school all my life, and just like that I learned more at this convention than I did in school. My MBA does not mean anything anymore. This convention taught me how to become rich. This convention gives me hope. Now my dream can become reality.

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