Overspending may be a problem for many consumers.

While many consumers may be striving to improve their financial planning and responsibility, some may still struggle with their shopping habits. This could be difficult for some, as spending more than they have many put extra pressure on their budgeting and wider financial strategy.

Nearly one-fifth of consumers claim they have debt due to shopping, according to a report from CouponCabin.com. Another 40 percent noted they have experienced as much as $1,000 in debt due to shopping habits, while 20 percent said it once got as significant as $5,000.

“Shopping is a fun activity for many, but like anything, it should be done in moderation,” said Jackie Warrick, senior savings adviser at CouponCabin.com. “We’re bombarded with ads, daily deal emails and coupons every single day, so taking a step back and reflecting on your budget can be difficult. Take the time to pause before your next purchase and seek out ways to save money on items you really need.”

There may be a number of financial options a person has to improve their finance situation, and it could start with considering a number of budgeting options. Becoming more disciplined financially may have a positive effect on a person, especially when trying to save money.

Consistent spending issues may have a negative impact on a person’s chances of saving for the long term. This may already be an issue for some people, as of those who are nearing retirement, or should be close to it, less than half may be able to continue living the way they have in a comfortable manner, according to a report from LIMRA. This could be difficult as it may prevent some from actually being able to retire.

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