A couple of weeks ago, World Financial Group held its 2009 Convention of Champions at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Among the guests included Ben Stein, Dianne Bruckner, Tom Hopkins, John Maxwell, members of the USA Luge team as well as three of our own “Kings of Canadian Curling”, the Ferbey 4.

Scott Pfeifer, Marcel Rocque and David Nedohin spoke at a workshop along with members of the USA Luge team.  I, along with several WFG associates, learned a few things about curling and teamwork, including:

  • Scott, Marcel, David and team skip Randy Ferbey have won four Canadian Cups of Curling and three World Championships.
  • Curling, like other sports, will take you on the road quite a bit.  It helps to have a great support system in families, coaches and sponsors.
  • Always keep the lines of communication open, be it on the ice or at home.  Each emphasized the need to “always be talking.”
  • A “silent confidence” is necessary in what you do, who you are and your purpose in life.
  • Some curling ends have to be measured with precise equipment in order to determine the winner of the end.  Curling is “chess on ice” and every millimeter counts.

At the end of the workshop, Marcel left all of us in attendance with his six P’s, “Proper Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance.”  Although everyone got a good chuckle out of the alliterative affirmation, everyone took it to heart.  A few of us afterwards asked Marcel to repeat it so we got it right.

After their presentation, I got the chance to speak with Scott, David and Marcel.  I learned that the guys had been curling together for eleven years.  Also, all four of them live within five kilometers of each other in Edmonton, AB.  When I asked the guys what color curling rocks (red or yellow) they prefer to throw, I got some interesting answers:

  • David prefers to throw the yellow handled rocks as “they match our [World Financial Group] jackets.”
  • Scott likes the red rocks “because it’s a power color.”
  • Marcel really doesn’t have a preference between red or yellow, but says he likes the blue curling rocks.

And to get to know the guys a little better, I asked WFG’s curling team what they like to eat for breakfast:

  • Marcel likes poached eggs, brown toast, orange juice and green tea.
  • Scott enjoys english muffins, eggs, cheese and bacon.
  • David prefers a fruit smoothie and a couple of poached eggs first thing in the morning. 

World Financial Group’s own Ferbey 4 will be playing in the 2009 Canada Cup of Curling, starting on March 18.  All games will be played in the Farrell Agencies Arena at the Gallagher Centre in Yorktown, SK.  This tournament marks the beginning of determining who will represent Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  Keep reading here for all the latest on the Ferbeys.

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