The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Luge competition may have had a shorter track than usual, but it didn’t seem to slow down the competition.  Over the two days of men’s competition on February 13 and 14, speeds on the track were seen in excess of 90 mph. 

Among the World Financial Group-sponsored USA Luge men, Tony Benshoof finished highest in the rankings.  His times of 48.657, 48.747, 49.010 and 48.714 (3:15.128 combined) earned him 8th place, at only 2.043 seconds off the time of Gold Medalist Felix Loch of Germany.   

Also sliding was Chris Mazdzer.  In his Olympic debut, Chris, whose fans chose to show their support by painting his name painted across their stomachs, had the “#1 bib” out of all the competitors.  He opened his Olympic competition with a first run of 48.811 seconds.  Later runs of 48.963, 49.223 and 48.816 earned him 13th place with a combined time of 3:15.813.  Although 2.728 seconds off gold, this was Chris’s best international result. 

WFG-adopted athlete Bengt Walden slid in his third Olympics, but his first as an American.  He had times of 49.002, 48.865, 49.323 and 48.794 (3:15.984 combined) for 15th place, 2.899 seconds from first.  Amazingly, out of the 38 competitors, only 15.220 second separate first from last.

Read tomorrow for the women’s luge results!

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