World Financial Group Review wants to know: Have you checked out WFG TV, the company’s bimonthly webcast hosted on by WFG Agency Chairman Ed Mylett? If you’re serious about building a successful business, then you won’t want to miss a single episode of WFG TV. The second WFG TV webcast has posted to WFG-Online. In this episode, taped in front of a live audience in Pleasanton, Calif., Ed interviews WFG Executive Vice Chairman Penney Ooiand her spouse and business partner, Benjamin Eeo, as well as CEO Marketing Director Paul and Gabie Hart. These dynamic WFG couples offer firsthand accounts of how they started their World Financial Group businesses. They also share insights into building a successful business and take questions from the audience. WFG TV is designed to be viewed where and when it is most convenient for you. Each episode is divided into segments/chapters, so you can watch when your schedule permits or return to a chapter for further review. Be sure to watch the webcast with your team; it’s a great team-building activity. If you’ve missed an earlier episode, you can still catch it – all webcasts are archived on the website. Make sure you’re tuned in to must-see WFG TV. You can’t afford to miss it.

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