Whenever an event causes major devastation in the world, it’s common practice for organizations to collect or raise money to send for relief efforts. Once the money is donated, it can be difficult to trace where the money goes or how the funds were used towards the cause.

Paul Larsen, a Marketing Director with WFG, understands that this can happen but realizes that by actually getting involved with an organization he not only feels fulfilled but he also knows he has actually made a difference.

Paul is a part of Project Help Haiti in Canada, an organization developed to raise funds to build schools, homes and medical clinics in Haiti. Missionaries travel abroad to the country and spend their time using the funds raised to build in areas impacted by devastation. On this trip, Paul was working with a group in an area that took damage from Hurricane Sandy. “I had the chance to not only just help build, but I was right there with the families daily, eating dinner, teaching English at the local school, and even taking the kids out and teaching them how to swim. It’s amazing how the simple things we take for granted are major to them,” says Larsen.

Paul spent 10 days in February helping the people of the Lavanneau and Basin Bleu Villages build new structures to help them be independent. “This is my second group trip. It has become my vacations. I am so thankful for the WFG Charitable Trust which provides the support to match funds donated for our charitable work. The people were so grateful for the hard work we put into helping them get back on their feet,” he says.

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