Retirement confidence may be on the rise.

It can be difficult for some to prepare for retirement, but there could be a stronger level of confidence regarding these issues. However, Americans may still want to work to improve their financial discipline to ensure goals are met.

Approximately 42 percent of individuals who were recently surveyed felt they are on their way to being able to retire, according to a report from Ameriprise Financial. This was much improved from the same findings last year, when the level was just 37 percent. This is also the best performance since measurements were first taken.

“Feeling confident about retirement is essential, but perhaps not as important as taking steps to financially prepare for that retirement,” said Suzanna de Baca, vice president of wealth strategies at Ameriprise Financial. “Positive feelings supported by strong savings habits and careful planning are something to be proud of. But if the latter isn’t in place, a sense of confidence may be unwarranted and can cause a dangerous feeling of complacency.”

The thought of retirement is also emitting positive feelings from many people. Nearly 70 percent said that they feel better about their situation when they think about retirement prospects, the report explained. Close to half felt they were generally happy when pondering retirement, and one-third noted how hopeful they were of getting there.

Some still show concern for retirement prospects
Not every person is completely confident in their ability to retire when they want, and how they would like. This can be a major issue, which could encourage some to ensure they keep up with their financial strategy.

Close to half of those who are approaching retirement think they will have to keep their job for a longer period than initially thought, according to a report from PNC Financial Services Group. However, there are still a significant number of people who had the opposite happen. Nearly 60 percent of those who retired and are younger than 70 years old noted that they got out of employment earlier than they figured would occur.

“The survey clearly shows that the age at which people expect to retire is not always in their control,” said Celandra Deane-Bess, vice president and senior wealth planner with PNC.  “Economic uncertainty, employer actions and unexpected health issues often force individuals to retire earlier than they planned which puts a premium on sound financial habits early.”

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