Some consumers may need to improve their savings situation.

Savings problems might be an issues for a growing amount of Americans, and this trend may need to be broken in order for them to help build up their financial situation again.

Nearly 75 percent of Americans don’t have enough money to last them six months in their savings account, a recent report from revealed. A total of 27 percent of consumers are unable to produce any savings at all.

Financial planning is an issue for close to half of Americans, as this level reported having three months or less saved. Despite that, it is still much higher than in 2006, when less than 40 percent noted this.

“We measure five key components of Americans’ financial security each month, and we routinely find that savings is the weakest area,” said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst for “People who are less comfortable with their savings now versus a year ago outnumber people who are more comfortable by a margin of nearly two-to-one. That’s especially jarring since people are feeling much more optimistic about other aspects of their finances.”

Even with the financial worries among some consumers, there are positives, as well. The report noted that less than 20 percent of consumers have less money this year than in 2012. The last time this was that low was in 2010.

Both men and women think they need to improve their financial situations, as a report from Northwestern Mutual noted that two-thirds of men explained their financial planning needs a bit of a boost, while close to 60 percent of women reported the same thing. Despite this, more than 40 percent of both men and women felt they were financially comfortable.

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