Some people are better with finances than others.

Having a solid personal financial strategy is important to help secure a comfortable present, as well as solid base for future saving and spending. However, some Americans may be struggling to meet their goals.

Less than 40 percent of consumers think their personal finance situation is positive at present, according to a report from Country Financial. Despite the perceived low level, this has been around this figure since early 2012, which may signal that more consumers are keeping their finances in line than running into trouble.

Americans are also feeling increasingly confident about their finances, despite some previous worries. More than half of consumers noted they are saving properly, which has been a theme since early last year. Close to 60 percent explained they feel they have enough funds to retire comfortably, which was an improvement from June 2012, when less than 54 percent reported this sentiment.

Financial security also improved in the past year, with the figure rising nearly five percentage points, according to the report. More families also feel better about their ability to send their children to college, as nearly 60 percent felt this, much higher than the 54 percent a year ago.

Some young people may struggle with some financial situations, even more so than their older counterparts. A report from FINRA noted that younger people typically deal with a higher level of financial stress compared to those 35 and older.

With this in mind, it may benefit some younger individuals to try to improve their situation. There are many different things that can be done to improve finances, including slowing spending, saving more responsibly and budgeting better. Looking for financial advice from others may help, as well.

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