World Financial Group associates are always looking for ways to better serve their clients. One way they achieve this goal is by using the WFG Financial Dream Map, the company’s proprietary, advanced, web-based needs analysis tool. WFG associates use it to help clients determine their current financial situation, identify goals and develop strategies to achieve a more secure financial future.  

Now WFG associates have an even greater ability to serve their clients by using the new, enhanced 2011 version of the WFG Financial Dream Map. The 2011 model includes new features, more functionality, and has been streamlined for ease of use, making financial strategizing easier than ever before. In addition to the existing features, 2011’s enhanced version offers:

  • Greater flexibility. Your WFG associate can now select up front which financial modules to include in your customized output.
  • New X-curve and DIME method tools allow your WFG associate to examine your information and goals different ways.
  • New Long Term Care and Disability insurance modules for use with U.S. clients.
  • Additional optional resource pages to help explain specific solutions.
  • A streamlined printing process, with printouts as few as four pages, means less paperwork for you and your WFG associate to keep.

There is no charge to complete a WFG Financial Dream Map. Talk to your WFG associate and start charting your course to a solid financial future. If you do not have a WFG associate, go to Click on WFG Office Locator to find a WFG associate in your area.

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