Last week saw the start of the World Curling Tour in Waterloo, Ontario.  WFG's own Ferbey 4 competed in the Masters of Curling and made it into the quarter finals.  However, Jeff Stoughton and his crew had something to say about that and handed Randy, David, Scott and Marcel a 5-2 defeat last Saturday.  Stoughton, though, was defeated by eventual champion Glenn Howard and his team.

Coverage of the Masters of Curling brought out the world wide web in varied posts.  Here are some of them:

  • The Canadian Broadcasting Company, which televised the event in Canada, contributes here.
  • The Toronto Sun has their take on what happened.
  • Alberta's own Edmonton Sun rounds up the Masters of Curling here.
  • Canada's National Post contributes this.

And as always, you can visit for all the latest with our favorite curlers!

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