It’s going to be a busy next few days for fans of World Financial Group sponsored sports teams.  Nine Pac-10 men’s basketball teams and four women’s basketball teams are participating in postseason tournaments.  And the WFG-sponsored “Kings of Canadian Curling”, the Ferbey 4, are playing in the 2009 Canada Cup of Curling in Yorktown, SK.  And on Wednesday, their first day, Randy, Scott, David and Marcel had a pretty good round. 

The Ferbey’s first match was against the rink of Ted Appleman of Edmonton, AB.  The WFG-sponsored Ferbey 4 had the hammer and used it often on their way to a 6 to 2 victory.  Our guys only needed nine ends to win and even scored two rocks in the sixth end. 

However, their second match was against Kerry Burtnyk of Winnipeg, MB.  Kerry’s rink had the hammer in this match and only needed nine ends to beat our guys 7-4. 

But Randy and the guys weren’t out of this yet.  Round Robin action continued for WFG’s own curling team as they took on fellow Edmonton resident Kevin Koe and his rink Thursday evening.  The match was even throughout, but our guys used the hammer in the tenth end to secure a 6-5 victory. 

Friday was busy for the Ferbey 4.  Their day began early as they took on Winnipeg’s Jeff Stoughton.  The Ferbeys had the hammer and only needed eight ends to win 9-5, even scoring three rocks in two ends!  Not long after that, Randy, Scott, David and Marcel faced Mike McEwen, also from Winnipeg.  This match was much closer, but curling fans watched as the Ferbey 4 team took all ten ends and the hammer to win 8-7. 

On Saturday, our guys in “the house” faced their longtime Edmonton rivals, the rink of Kevin Martin.  But thanks to the hammer and a three rock score in the seventh end, the Ferbeys won 6-2 after seven ends.  With the win, the Ferbeys found themselves in the men’s final on Sunday. 

But the finals saw Randy, Scott, David and Marcel face Kevin Martin again.  This time, Kevin had the hammer and, despite the score being tied for five ends, Kevin and his rink defeated our WFG-sponsored curling team 8-5. 

However, the season is nowhere near over for the Ferbey 4.  They start play at the Bear Martin Arena Curling Classic on March 26.  And, with the second place finish, our guys have qualified for the next round of Olympic qualifying.  Here’s hoping our guys can bring “the whoosh” to “the house”!

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