Last year, we reported on the World Financial Group charitable giving blog, WFG Gives Back that an inspiring group of WFG associates from across Canada climbed Mount Baldy in Alberta to raise funds for the Summits of Change program, founded by the Prairie Canada division of The Salvation Army. In the WFG Gives Back entry, we noted that the Summits of Change would have another climb would take place in 2011. WFG Review followed up with the event’s organizer and WFG associate Pat Richardson, from Winnipeg, for an update on the progress for this year’s climb.

“It’s going great,” Pat told WFG Review.  “We have over 100 volunteers from both the Salvation Army and WFG associates from five provinces gearing up to take on the climb.”  In the post on WFG Gives Back, it was noted that the climb would be on Mt. Booth. However, Pat revealed to WFG Review that Mt. Booth was going to be too grueling a climb for inexperienced climbers.

Last month, Pat and two other WFG associates — Les Parks of Kelowna, BC and Mark McCormick of Edmonton, AB — took a three-day scouting climb Mt. Booth, a mountain named after the founder of The Salvation Army.  The three men, who are experienced mountain climbers, did reach the summit of Mt. Booth, but Pat told us that the conditions in which they climbed were not ideal. “We climbed in a snowstorm, basically,” Pat shared with us. There were times when the climb led them through swollen riverbeds, torrential downpours and snow up to their waists.

Based on this scouting expedition, the 2011 Summits of Change has changed to climb Opal Ridge in Kananaskis Provincial Park in Alberta, located about an hour outside of Calgary, on July 23.  The peak is located 8,448 feet above sea level — exactly 1.6 miles high. WFG Review wishes the climbers the best of luck in reaching the pinnacle of their climb.


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