Medicine Hat, AB is known in Canada as “The Gas City” for its large reserves of natural gas underneath its city limits.  But one weekend a year Medicine Hat hosts World Professional Chuckwagon Association racing featuring the finest in the sport.  This year was no exception, as World Financial Group-sponsored chuckwagon driver Buddy Bensmiller was among the entrants.


Day one was strong for Buddy and the WFG tarp as he raced against Mike Vigen and Tyler Helmig.  Buddy started and ended strong, winning the race with a time of 1:05.04 and zero demerits.  This was good for 24.5 points in the aggregate standings.


After a great first day, it would be understandable if the second day featured something of a letdown – but it didn’t in Buddy’s case.  The “Dewberry Rocket” faced off against Mike and Tyler for a second time and had an even better day on the half mile.  The World Financial Group chuckwagon finished first with a time of 1:04.32 and 27 aggregate points.


With two victories down, what would be finer than three in a row?  Once again, Buddy took the WFG tarp on the half mile against Mike and Tyler and had his best race of the year so far.  Buddy crossed the finish line first with a time of 1:03.77 and 58 aggregate points.  For the entire Medicine Hat event, Buddy finished eighth overall with a combined time of 3:13.13 and 109.5 points.


Next up for Buddy Bensmiller and the World Financial Group wagon will be the North American Chuckwagon Championship in High River, AB on June 18-21.  Visit for more on the 2009 racing schedule, including videos of Buddy racing the WFG tarp over the finish line.

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