Bonnyville, AB is known as the “Multi-Natural” town due to its rich oil reserves, agricultural abundance and bird sanctuary.  And for the second year in a row, Bonnyville was also known for the World Professional Chuckwagon Association racing that took place at its Pro Rodeo.  All the superstars on the Half Mile of “Heck” made the trip,including World Financial Group-sponsored driver Buddy Bensmiller.  He brought the WFG blue and white tarp out against the likes of Leo Tournier, Grant Profit, Codey McCurrach and his own son, Dave, over four days. 

Day one wasn’t a fast start for the “Dewberry Rocket”.  Buddy’s wagon finished third in the seventh heat opposite Leo and Grant with a 1:23.01 time and 8.5 aggregate points.  However, Grant Profit received an Outside Help penalty, which placed Buddy in second for points. 

On the second day of racing, Buddy and the WFG tarp fared better.  He finished second opposite Grant and Leo in heat seven with a time of 1:18.66.  But due to two Wheel Knocked Barrel penalties by Grant Profit, Buddy’s 25 aggregate points led both his competitors. 

The clouds formed for day three and brought rain, but it didn’t hold off the WPCA 2009 tour.  Buddy again took on Leo and Grant in the seventh heat and had his best day in the “Multi-Natural” city.  The World Financial Group-sponsored chuckwagon finished third, but Buddy had his best time in Bonnyville with a 1:17.58 finish and 31.5 aggregate points. 

But day four saw a change of pace for the WFG wagon.  His heat opposite Codey MuCurrach and Dave Bensmiller was placed first.  However, the first heat of the day didn’t bring Buddy much luck.  Despite a very close race, Buddy finished third with a time of 1:23.95 and 26 points. 

For the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo, Buddy’s World Financial Group-sponsored wagon finished 14th overall with a 5:23.20 time and 91 aggregate points.  In the current WPCA standings, Buddy’s at 17th place with 531 points.  But there’s still plenty of WPCA season left to go.  The 2009 WPCA tour next visits Drumheller, AB with racing starting on Friday.  Videos of Buddy racing the WFG tarped wagon can be seen at  Let’s wish Buddy continued success on the Half Mile of “Heck”!

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