According to the Environment Canada, the town of Red Deer, AB averages 70.1 milliliters (or 2.76 inches) of rain during the entire month of August.  This August the rain in Red Deer decided to come all at once – or at least seemed to – during The 2009 Red Deer Chuckwagon Championship.  Two days of racing were rained out, giving World Financial Group-sponsored driver Buddy Bensmiller only two days to show his stuff on the half mile of “heck”.


The opening day of racing, Thursday, featured Buddy and the WFG tarp in the fifth heat opposite Mike Vigen, Tyler Helmig and Rae Croteau, Jr.  Buddy didn’t have his best day racing, coming in fourth with a time of 1:19.12 and only four points.


Hopes were high for a second day of racing, but the weather brought steady rain, making racing conditions unfavorable.  Rains continued into the third day, causing the event to be shortened to two days.  But that fourth day of racing proved fruitful for the “Dewberry Rocket”.


On Sunday, Buddy faced off against the same three racers in heat five.  And the rains may have paid off for the World Financial Group-sponsored chuckwagon driver.  Buddy and his team crossed the finish line first with a time of 1:18.93 and 24.5 points for a clean race.


So, for the two day Red Deer Championship, Buddy finished 23rd overall with a time of 2:38.05 and 28.5 points.  In the world standings, he now stands 18th with 850 points.  And we have one more race to go.  The Dodge World Chuckwagon Championship will take place September 1-5 in Edmonton.  Here’s to continued success for Buddy from your friends at World Financial Group (WFG)!

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