Some of you may remember the TV show “Dawson’s Creek”.  Viewers tuned in every week to watch the goings on among Dawson and his friends. What you may not know is that there’s an actual Dawson Creek – it’s a town in British Columbia that recently hosted the “Battle of the North” chuckwagon competition at the Dawson Creek Exhibition.  Among those battling over five days was World Financial Group-sponsored chuckwagon racer Buddy Bensmiller. 

The “Dewberry Rocket” started the “Battle” in the fifth heat opposite Tyler Heming, Chad Harden and Leo Tournier.  Buddy blasted off and finished second with a time of 1:16.8, just seven tenths of a second shy of first.  His efforts earned him 30 points for the day. 

With that momentum going into the second day of the competition, Buddy and the WFG tarp faced the same drivers again in the fifth heat, with his effort bringing him to finish again in second.  But his time improved to 1:16 and he received 33 points for the day. 

On day three, our World Financial Group-sponsored chuckwagon racer squared off again in heat five opposite Leo, Tyler and Chad.  Buddy finished the race in third with a time of 1:17.99 and only nine points.  But his wagon was subject to interference from Leo.  In fact, Leo and his team were hit for four penalties, causing them to lose 32 points. 

After the dust of the third day settled, the “Battle” resumed on day four with Buddy facing off against the same three drivers.  And while the half mile of “heck” had Buddy and the WFG tarp finishing fourth with 1:17.66, his time ended up being third due to Tyler’s false start penalty.  Buddy also earned 38 points, his best so far of this meet. 

The final day of the “Battle” saw Buddy facing off in heat seven opposite a new field, which included Mark Sutherland, Kirk Sutherland and Jerry Bremner.  And while the new competition gave the “Dewberry Rocket” a very fast start, he had to settle for third place with a time of 1:16.45 and 24 points.  Overall, Buddy finished the Dawson Creek “Battle of the North” in 11th place with a total time of 6:24.9 and 134 points. 

In current world standings, the World Financial Group-sponsored chuckwagon team driven by Buddy is currently 17th out of 36 racers with 821.5 points.  But Buddy won’t have to wait long for a chance to improve on those standings.  The next event in the WPCA schedule takes us to Red Deer, AB next weekend for “The Championship”.  Let’s continue to cheer Buddy on that Half Mile of “Heck”!

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