To those unfamiliar with World Financial Group (WFG), a “Mastermind Meeting” may sound like a gathering of those devoted to the strategy game.  However, WFG Executive Chairman Xuan Nguyen’s Mastermind meeting is his annual kickoff event to get WFG associates excited for the upcoming year.  From January 14-16, Xuan hosted approximately 450 of his top field leaders at his Alviso, Calif. office to motivate them about the company’s and Xuan’s team goals for 2011.

Among the topics discussed was WFG’s “no limits” mindset when it comes to sales and recruiting.  Xuan emphasized the importance of having partnerships across the US and Canada through WFG’s Market Acquisition Program.  But Xuan also noted the need to remain focused on the WFG Mission: to build and protect wealth for families.  As Xuan pointed out, it’s not about “closing the sale” so much as it is about the crusade to help families become financially independent.

A guest speaker at the Mastermind meeting was WFG Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kent Davies who spoke about the “100K in 2K11” program – recruiting 100,000 new associates to World Financial Group.  Kent also observed that, during the meeting, Xuan explained everything in such a way that had the attendees “floating out of their seats!” – in other words, attendees truly enjoyed the great event.

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