The Roar of the Rings, Canada’s Olympic Trials in Curling, got off to a “rocking” start (apologies for the bad pun) for the World Financial Group-sponsored Ferbey 4.  Randy Ferbey, David Nedohin, Scott Pfeifer and Marcel Rocque began their play late on Sunday opposite Wayne Middaugh’s rink out of Victoria, BC.

To open the Roar, Randy and the team had the hammer and used it in the first end to score two rocks.  The match then became a “back and forth” affair, with alternating teams scoring until the sixth end, where no team scored.  But thanks to two 3-rock scores by the men in the WFG curling shirts, our Ferbey 4 slid to a 9-7 victory in ten ends.  Among the Ferbeys, Randy threw for 89% accuracy.  Marcel and Scott had 88% while David threw for 83%.

Up next for our WFG curling team is the rink of Jeff Stoughton out of Winnipeg. Keep reading here for more on the Ferbey 4 as they look for Olympic Gold.

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