On the morning of March 18, the World Financial Group (WFG) Corporate Headquarters’ auditorium transformed into a television studio for the recording of a new episode of Success TV, formerly known as WFG TV.  Hosted by WFG Agency Chairman Ed Mylett, the show, which will be posted on WFG’s internal associate website and YouTube site very soon, included interviews with World Financial Group Executive Chairman Xuan Nguyen of Alviso, Calif. and Executive Vice Chairman Réal Michaud of Edmonton, Alberta.

Success TV is taped in front of a live studio audience, and for this episode WFG associates traveled from all over the United States and Canada to serve as audience members.  Additionally, many World Financial Group Corporate Headquarters employees joined the associates to hear the messages from Ed, Xuan and Réal.

Ed opened the show with inspiring words for the audience, and then introduced Xuan, who spoke about his life, his family and how he found success in WFG.  Later in the taping, Réal took the seat opposite Ed and discussed how he found his entrepreneurial spirit through the ability to help people.  Réal has two sons who have successful World Financial Group businesses, including Corey Michaud who was recently promoted to CEO MD.

According to the producer and director of Success TV, World Financial Group’s Pete Evans, Success TV is an important business-building and motivational show.  I think it is awesome that Success TV is an opportunity to learn things about the guests – our associates – that most of us didn’t know before,” says Pete.  “Every one of the guests has shared personal insights into their lives, their business, their dreams that, in my opinion, raises the level of respect I have for them as friends, business partners and leaders within WFG.”

Audience members also shared their thoughts about Success TV.  EMD Lou Garcia thought that participating in the Success TV broadcast with Ed, Xuan and Réal was an incredible experience. “Hearing the life stories of these legendary business leaders left me personally inspired to make the changes necessary to win big in WFG,” Lou said. 

Joseph Ridling, a Financial Analysts in World Financial Group’s Accounting Department, called Success TV “fresh, energetic and personalized, which made for an extremely informative and enlightening experience.” 

John Cough, a Senior Processing Technician in Commissions, noted, “The experience was rewarding to me because it gave me the chance to represent a wonderful company in a positive way.”  

And Donald Okech, another member of WFG’s Accounting Department, was very inspired while watching the taping.  “After listening to those two profound leaders share their experiences, I realized that success in life comes not from talent or from abilities, but from the sheer resilience and determination to keep moving forward when everything seems to be against you, to keep creating when everything seems to be crumbling and to always remember to never give up until what I was aiming toward is securely in my hand!”

Previous episodes of Success TV can be found on the World Financial Group channel on You Tube.  And look for the latest episode of Success TV on the WFG’s associate website WFG-Online soon.

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