In this day and age, why are we still dealing with paperwork?  Yes, sometimes it can’t be avoided.  But there are many instances where paper can be eliminated altogether, allowing work to be done electronically – a more efficient, effective, and environmentally sound way to do business. Take World Financial Group’s AppVantage for instance.  

AppVantage, WFG’s advanced, web-based application, allows WFG associates to complete a client’s insurance application, verify that it has been filled out correctly, have client’s sign using a digital signature pad, and electronically transmit the application to the provider company. It’s that easy! 

Recently, AppVantage introduces two new enhancements to the U.S.-version of the web-based app that streamlines the process even further. The new Simplified E-sign Process eliminates the need to get multiple signatures from clients. With the Express Application, there are fewer medical questions to be answered.    

To learn more about AppVantage, talk to your WFG associate.

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