World Financial Group Executive Vice Chairman John Shin hosted the “Pro Bowl II” from January 27-29 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.  The event, which drew close to 1,700 associates from across North America, helped John’s team begin 2011 with a bang and also recognize the team’s heroes of 2010.

According to EVC Jun Dela Cruz, the Pro Bowl event gives attendees the chance to see the big dream WFG has to offer.  Also, according to Jun, the event allows field leaders the chance to emphasize that “we have a job to do – help solve financial challenges in [North] America.”

Offering up why WFG’s Mission – to build and protect wealth for families – works was the event’s keynote speaker, Bishop Noel Jones.  Based out of southern California, Bishop Jones found inspiration in what WFG does for families, and his speech, according to Jun, had two great items everyone took home.  The first was that talent can take you to the ceiling, but character can bring you down to the floor and the second key item was that anyone who is truly successful leaves something for the next generation.

Invited guests at the Pro Bowl II included President and CEO of World Financial Group, Inc. Joe DiPaola, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kent Davies, Chief Strategic Officer Susan Davies and Vice President of Marketing and Field Relations Craig Cushman.  Among WFG’s top field leaders were Chairman’s Council member Monte Holm, Agency Chairman Ed Mylett, EVCs Jeff Levitan, Greg Kapp, John Pham, Penney Ooi, Robin Bundy, Simon Lam and Dan Charlier.  WFG CEO MDs Armando Gil, David Pham and Steve Cao also led sessions at the event.

Featured speakers included Senior Marketing Director Ruby Ancheta, who shared her account of being burned on 22% of her body almost 8 years ago, and only 18 months prior to becoming licensed.  Through WFG, she said she found a way to come back from this terrible time and help families.  Ruby, who had not publicly spoken about this event in her life before, said she felt a great weight had been lifted off her.  On another note, she stated she finds it amazing that “the EVCs in the company [became who they are] by doing the same things we are doing now.”

Saturday evening included a gala awards celebration.  Among the entertainment at the ceremony was a break dancing group known as the “EVC BOYZ” who put on a fantastic show!


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