The World Financial Group (WFG) Canadian Leadership Summit recently took place in Montreal, Quebec April 4-5 at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal.  For these two days, top leaders from the field and the Canadian home office met to discuss the future of WFG and how to implement WFG’s goals to move the company forward, including the recruitment of 100,000 new associates in 2011.

Among the speakers were Joe DiPaola, President and CEO of World Financial Group, Inc., and Rick Williams, President of World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc.  The special guest speak was Brigadier General John C. Collin, the current Chief of Staff of Canada Command, who left a strong impression on the meeting’s attendees.

“I learned that a lot of the ideas in leadership, be it in the military, in a sports team or our business, are really the same,” noted Corey Michaud, WFG CEO MD.  “It all comes down to communication, recognition and holding people to a higher standard.”

“Brigadier General John Collin reminded me again about total focus, total discipline, total coachability and to always be ready and willing to work at all times,” said Agnes Miranda, World Financial Group (WFG) EVC.  “He helped me understand that in order to become a great leader, you must be a great follower.”

And World Financial Group (WFG) CEO MD Gregg Strynadka told WFG Review, “Brigadier-General John Collin spoke about leadership, and I think all of us felt a lot more grateful to be living with the freedoms that we have.”

These attendees were asked what else they took away from the summit.

“I left the meetings with a strong feeling that WFG’s corporate leadership is really listening to the field leaders. And that they are working hardest on the topics that the field leaders have identified,” said Gregg.

Cameron echoed those sentiments, “It’s good to see the leadership in the home office and the field working together.  This summit gave me more confidence in the leadership of our company.  I really feel the people at WFG are working for us.”

Agnes noted, “What I took away from this summit is how huge the WFG opportunity is and that it has never been better, especially with the leadership of Joe DiPaola.  He stretched our vision and reassured us of WFG’s commitment and support to the field force.”

WFG Review also asked attendees what advice they had for those wishing to succeed in World Financial Group (WFG).

WFG EVC Norm Meldrum had a simple formula, “Build a big base shop,” while Agnes stated how important it was to “continue to dream, take action, be focused, be disciplined, be passionate, go to work every day and always be reminded of the goal of ‘No Family Left Behind’.  Recruit and build, and becoming a CEO MD will happen.”

And Corey offered this advice, “First, identify what you need.  From there, control your own personal efforts.  Continue to create great relationships.”

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