An important part of this WFG Review site is to emphasize and promote World Financial Group’s mission: to build and protect wealth for families.  Through WFG’s affiliated companies and their agreements with a variety of industry-leading companies, our associates can offer clients many products to help you build a strategy for a sound financial future with the means to make your dreams come true.

In most cases, the associate must acquire specific licenses issued by state, provincial and even federal agencies to sell the various insurance or securities products to a client. While all these agencies require a person to take and pass an exam in order to obtain a license, regulations vary from state-to-state as to when someone can first sit for the exam.  For example, some U.S. states require prospective insurance agents to take a 40-hour pre-licensing classroom course. For those new to the industry, obtaining a license can be quite daunting.

However, new associates in World Financial Group have an excellent program that can help new associates obtain a license so they can quickly begin helping individuals and families.  The initiative, known as the WFG Quick Start Licensing program, offers our new associates by giving them the support of a local licensing coordinator, who steps the associate through the licensing process from start to finish.  The program also ensures that the associate has access to top notch licensing education providers to ensure they are prepared for the exam and offers field training so the associate can learn the necessary steps to cover in a client meeting. 

If you’re a new WFG associate and aren’t enrolled in the Quick Start Licensing program, find out more about the program on the WFG associate website.  If you are interested in becoming a WFG associate so you can help families build and protect their future, contact a local WFG office or visit and learn more about building a business with World Financial Group.

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