Anyway you look at it, 100,000 is a large number.  Be it the number of citizens in your town or money in your pocket, 100,000 is a lot.  Even 100,000 pennies, although only equaling $1,000, is still a lot of pennies. 

Why mention 100,000?  World Financial Group‘s goal is to recruit 100,000 new associates by the end of calendar year 2011.  That is 100,000 new associates to carry out WFG’s mission to help build and protect wealth for families.  That is 100,000 new associates spreading the word about how money works.  And that is 100,000 new associates taking charge of their future. 

And we’re not stopping at 100,000.  If we keep recruiting at this pace, we will have 500,000 new associates by 2015.  That would almost fill Michigan Stadium, the largest college football venue in the United States, five times over.  Can you imagine half a million WFG associates helping families?  We can! 

So, are you interested in helping WFG realize its vision of becoming the most influential financial marketing company in history?  If so, go to or to learn more.

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