World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada is hosting its The Power of One tour beginning in May.  As part of that tour, the company has teamed up with the Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference for the May 7 stop in the city.  The Toronto Entrepreneur’s Conference will be hosted at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.  Speakers will include World Financial Group (WFG) EVC Réal Michaud, Donna Messer, President of ConnectUs Canada as well as renowned Canadian business leader Robert Herjavec, author of “Driven” and a star of “Dragon’s Den” and “Shark Tank”.

World Financial Group SMD Yousuf Khatib, who has been with World Financial Group  (WFG) for the past eight years and based in Mississauga, told WFG Review. “Patrons of the conference will have the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and WFG associates.  They will also learn how to network, why the rise in self employment is occurring and why it’s important for entrepreneurs to understand money.”

It was through networking, Khatib was introduced to Messer, known as the queen of networking and, subsequently, he met Marc Belaiche, the owner of, an online job bank designed exclusively for employment listings in the Greater Toronto Area. Belaiche also launched the website and has just started a magazine dedicated to Toronto-area entrepreneurs, The two men, Khatib and Belaiche, organized the Toronto Entrepreneur’s Conference, and brought World Financial Group on as the presenting sponsor.  The magazine’s premiere issue will launch at the conference.

Khatib noted to WFG Review that the Robert Herjavec will be an excellent guest speaker and will be able to relate to the conference’s attendees. Herjavec has a “rags to riches” story, which has much to do with his parents instilling an important work ethic as well as the importance of family – a story familiar to World Financial Group associates across North America.

WFG’s The Power of One Tour 2011, takes place from May 3-13, and will provide World Financial Group (WFG) associates an opportunity to hear from the WFG’s top field associates, including EVCs Teresa Tang-Wong, Agnes Miranda, Harinder Sukhija and Liz Zetazate as well as CEO MDs Darren Golka and Nick Lee. Having the tour stop in the Toronto area will also allow WFG associates to learn more about networking and entrepreneurship.  It will be great for WFG agents to learn some networking ideas from Donna as well as learn from other entrepreneurs like Robert and gain a huge appreciation for the incredible opportunity WFG provides,” Khatib says.


For more information about the Toronto Entrepreneur’s Conference, visit  And to learn more about World Financial Group, visit for Canada and in the United States.

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