On March 11, World Financial Group had the WFG Corporate Headquarters’ employee quarterly meeting.  The meeting was led by the World Financial Group, Inc. President and CEO, Joe DiPaola, and included remarks from Chief Strategic Officer Susan Davies, Chief Administrative Officer John Joseph and Chief Marketing Officer Paul Mineck.

In the past year, it has become tradition for these WFG all-employee meetings to include a top WFG field leader as a guest speaker.  This quarter, the employees at WFG’s Corporate Headquarters experienced a dynamic speech from WFG Board of Directors member Rich Thawley.  Rich, based out of Pleasanton, CA has been in the financial services business for over thirty years and he shared a variety of insights with the US and Canadian home office employees, who listened attentively. 

Rich spoke about how he was introduced to the World Financial Group’s business model, calling it “probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.”  He described how he and his wife, Cindy, went from having very little money to save, to learning about the financial principals and then to building successful financial services business with WFG.  But he also stressed how everyone in World Financial Group is involved in great work.  “We all want families to do well, and what you do [at the Corporate Headquarters] really, really matters,” he said. 

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