The expression, “we will roll out the red carpet for you” indicates that guests will receive royal treatment when they arrive at their destination.  At World Financial Group (WFG), we literally roll out the red carpet for associates and their guests when they arrive at the WFG Corporate Headquarters in Johns Creek, Ga. on WFG Red Carpet Day, scheduled May 18, 2011.

“Red Carpet Day includes a business presentation presented by home office and field leaders that is designed to help WFG associates introduce people to our company,” says Kent Davies, WFG Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Not only is WFG’s Red Carpet Day a high-caliber event that gives associates and their guests an opportunity to hear from the company’s top leaders, it also includes a tour of WFG headquarters so attendees can meet the people who support them in their WFG businesses.    

WFG Red Carpet Day is open to anyone interested in learning more about World Financial Group.  If you are interested in attending or learning more about World Financial Group, please contact a local WFG office.  To learn more about the business opportunity offered through WFG, please go to ( in Canada).

Look for more information regarding WFG’s Red Carpet Day on the WFG Review blog site.


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