On March 3-6, World Financial Group (WFG) Executive Chairman Xuan Nguyen hosted his World System Builders (WSB) convention at the Santa Clara (Calif.) Convention Center.  An annual event, the WSB Convention attendees learn from top World Financial Group field leaders, WFG Corporate Headquarter executives, and top industry representatives.   

At this year’s convention, renowned insurance author Patrick Kelly spoke to the WFG associates in attendance.  He revealed a new Rule of 72 saying that “if you don’t use what you learn within 72 hours, you will lose it.”  Other speakers at the WSB Convention’s General Session included WFG Chief Strategic Officer Susan Davies, World Group Securities, Inc. President Kevin Palmer and WFG VP of Sales & Marketing Kent Davies.   They, along with CEO MDs Victor Salvador and Angelo Gurrieri, were on hand to help introduce a variety of new programs including Fast Start 2.0 – a weekly training that will occur in all WSB office to ensure consistency in message, help maximize recruiting and ensure families are being helped.   

Host Xuan Nguyen led an exciting training on the different types of insurance products available through the company, explaining the basic principle of each type of product and their differences in a simple, easy to understand way.  Many associates appreciated this approach to learning about the products.  

WFG EVC Agnes Miranda of Concord, ON, enjoyed the training.  “[Xuan and the speakers] shared their unselfishness through training, [and that] made me feel so important and fortunate to be part of WSB.”  Agnes hoped that her team took to heart the personal experiences, challenges, and perseverance from these field leaders and that her teammates, just like the trainers, are extraordinary people.  

Later in the meeting, Xuan asked associates who had done a minimum of 20 sales in one month to come up on stage.  Of the attendees, 54 associates took the stage, several of who had 30 sales in a month.   Among these associates were EMD Raquel Ramlal who had a total of 34 sales, a personal record, and SMD Thu Nguyen, who had 30 sales and seven personal recruits.  

The WSB Convention would not be complete without a grand Gala event.  The ceremony included guest speakers Scott Ham, President and CEO of Transamerica Life & Protection (TLP), who noted the importance of WFG to TLP, and WFG President and CEO Joe DiPaola, who talked about World Financial Group’s growth and plans for 2011.  Following their remarks, the recognition segment of the ceremony took place, which included honoring the World System Builders MVPs.  As the gala drew to a close, Xuan issued a challenge to his team: for the WSB team to hit 5,000 recruits a month, build MDs and to help as many clients as possible to have financial security and solutions. 

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