At WFG’s Convention of Champions 2010 in late July, World Financial Group announced a bold new Vision statement for the company – “to become the most influential marketing company in history.” We here at WFG Review see our vision statement reflected in the work our field associates do for their clients, especially the middle-income families and individuals across North America. It’s further reflected in the dedication the WFG Corporate Headquarters staff exhibits every day to ensure that our field associates have the tools and technology to best serve their clients.

So, how do we achieve our vision to become the most influential financial marketing company in history?  Well, let’s review the world “influential”.  According to, influential is defined as “having or exerting influence, esp. great influence.”

Okay, then.  Did you know that WFG has always seen its client base to be your basic working family?  It’s true, and even though middle-income individuals and family have not always been a priority for the financial services industry, WFG believes that they should be. At WFG, we understand that hard-working people deserve access to a financial education, tools and concepts that are often reserved for those in higher-income brackets. And that’s what World Financial Group associates do when they sit down with these families, often across the kitchen table. They talk with their clients about their dreams and help them figure out a way to make those dreams come true.

What else?  For our associates to best serve their clients, we know that they need to be armed with the latest tools and technology. Innovation and efficiency are but two of the cornerstones of WFG business ownership. At WFG, we are always thinking about how we can help our associates run their business more efficiently and effectively. We have developed one of the most innovative and competitive compensation programs in the industry, allowing associates to be paid their true worth. We look to technology to find ways to help them streamline the way they conduct business.  WFG has developed an app for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch that allows our associates to share the WFG story with more people than ever before, and share while they’re on the go.

A green, technological solution that also conserves time and increases accuracy is WFG’s AppVantage, an advanced electronic application. Available for use with many of the products offered by our affiliates, AppVantage allows the entire policy application process, including signatures, to be handled electronically. That’s good for the associate, the client and the environment.

Finally, World Financial Group offers the power of choice. WFG, through its affiliated companies, has selling agreements with some of the top financial services companies in North America, offering associates the opportunity to find the best product mix for their clients now and in the future. Using the WFG Financial Dream Map, a web-based needs analysis, associates work with clients to develop a strategy to help them reach their financial goals.  

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