Sometimes the right opportunity comes along at the perfect
time, and everything just seems to, you know, fit. When World Financial Group associate
Dan Kravitz was searching for a philanthropic cause that will allow him to
serve his southern California community while promoting the good works of WFG,
nothing came along that, like a well-fitting glove, was quite the perfect match
until one of Dan’s team members presented an idea.

Dan’s associate was a member of a local church, which was
organizing a custom car show in Carlsbad, Calif., and would benefit the Royal
Rangers, a church-based organization that mentors young boys, instilling skills
and values that will help them become successful adults. Instantly, Dan says,
he was drawn to the chance to help the church and young children while giving
associates and clients an opportunity to give back.

So on Sept. 24, amongst monster trucks, low riders and
classic rides like ’57 Chevys, Dan and 20 other WFG associates sponsored the World
Financial Group Roush Fenway #60 show car, which attracted many of the 6,000
people attending the event. “When that thing was turned on, and it roared,
everybody would leave where they were at the other cars and come over to ours,”
Dan says.

But what was most exciting for Dan’s team was the WFG show
car’s win for “Crowd Favorite.” “People were voting, and we didn’t even know
it,” Dan says.

The team also handed out candy and toys, took photos and gave
the Carl Edwards driver’s card to the kids. Volunteers also organized a raffle
for a chance to win, among other prizes, a WFG hat, but they also could
indicate their interest in WFG’s financial services. Dan had found the perfect
venue for sharing the WFG mission with the people that the company serves. “It
was a great day,” Dan says. “The agents became more confident, and we’re still
doing appointments from it.”

But, in addition to the excitement of the shiny chrome of
the vintage cars, Dan, quite simply, enjoyed something a little more subtle but
just as important as the enormity of the car show’s large trucks: serving the
community. “Being a representative of our team — we have a good team — we
always believe in giving back to the community. If it weren’t for our families
that we serve, we wouldn’t be in business. We just felt like it was the right
thing to do — just to give instead of expect to receive — and to continue with
that philosophy, and always have an attitude of gratitude.”

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