It’s been an exciting season of chuckwagon racing for the World Financial Group-sponsored driver Buddy Bensmiller.  Before the last meet of the season, the WPCA World Chuckwagon Championship in Edmonton, Buddy was in second place in the standings. For most of the heats of the Championship Buddy raced the WFG-tarped chuckwagon September 1-5 opposite Kelly Sutherland, Chad Harden and Jason Glass in the last heat of the day.

The first day of racing in Edmonton saw Buddy in a dead heat with current season leader Kelly Sutherland.  Both racers crossed the finish line with a time of 1:20.66 earning them each 29.5 points.

Day two also saw exciting from Buddy and the blue WFG-tarped wagon.  He crossed the finish line in a time of 1:18.25, which was only 0.01 seconds off the leader, and was awarded 28 points.

Racing on the third day wasn’t as kind to Buddy.  His time of 1:19.47 saw him crossing the finish line in fourth place.  However, because of a “wheel knocked barrel” penalty for Chad Harden, Buddy’s moved to third place and earned him 9 points.  Day four also saw Buddy drive the WFG wagon across the finish line in fourth with a time of 1:21.22, but this time Jason Glass suffered a “wheel knocked barrel” penalty, allowing Buddy to move to third place and earn 32 points.

The last day of racing in Edmonton, which was not a race for points, Buddy drove the WFG-tarped wagon in the fourth heat against new competitors: Tim Haroldson, Cody Ridsdale and Chad Harden.  Buddy ended the 2010 WPCA season in fine style – his time of 1:17.84 was the fastest of his heat and his fastest for the tournament.  In the Edmonton competition, Buddy finished in the top 15 with a total time of 6:37.44 and 98.5 points.

At the end of the 2010 WPCA season, our WFG-sponsored chuckwagon driver finished in second place.  His total points of 1247 were less than 100 points off the lead and have automatically qualified him for the 2011 season.  Thanks, Buddy, for a great season of racing from your friends at World Financial Group!

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