The 2010 World Professional Chuckwagon Association season started May 25 at the Grand Prairie (AB) Stompede.  Among the competitors was World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored chuckwagon driver Buddy Bensmiller.  In 2010, Buddy finished second in the overall standings and he had a good showing in Grand Prairie last season. Buddy competed in this year’s Stompede, unless otherwise noted, opposite Kelly Sutherland, Grant Profit and Luke Tournier in the last heat of the day.

Day one was not a good day for Buddy as he crossed the finish line fourth with a time of 1:17.11, but his clean race earned him 13 points. On day two, the “Dewberry Rocket” again crossed the finish line fourth with a time of 1:17.18.  However, due to two penalties by Grant Profit, Buddy’s time moved him into third place, giving him 17 points.

Day three of the Grand Prairie Stompede was Buddy’s closest race opposite Kelly, Grant and Luke.  With a time of 1:16.73, Buddy finished third along with 18 points.  Day four would be better for the World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored racer.  His finish of 1:15.85 was his fastest time of the meet, resulting in another third place finish and 45 points.

On day five, Buddy and the WFG logo-tarped wagon saw a change of pace as he competed in the fifth heat opposite Chad Harden, Darcy Flad and Jason Glass. At the finish, Buddy was in second place with a time of 1:16.35.

So at for the first event of the 2011 WPCA season, Buddy finished in the top 20 with 94 points.  Up next for the “Dewberry Rocket” is the Dewberry Chuckwagon Championship (Buddy’s hometown), which starts June 3.

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