Dewberry, Alberta, is the home of World Financial Group (WFG)-sponsored chuckwagon racer Buddy Bensmiller. Buddy returned to his hometown to compete in the Dewberry World Chuckwagon Races, a World Professional Chuckwagon Association exhibition event, on June 3 to June 5. For each day in the races, Buddy raced in the sixth heat of the day opposite Barry Hodgson and Kurt Bensmiller, who also happens to be Buddy’s son.  How would Buddy do in front of his home crowd?

Day one of the Dewberry World Chuckwagon Races featured a very tight contest between the three racers.  At the wire, Buddy crossed first with a time of 1:09.71, less than a second faster than Kurt. During the contest, one of Barry’s wheels knocked over a barrel, resulting in a penalty.

Day two saw another very close race.  Buddy finished second with a time of 1:11.19, but first-place finisher Barry Hodgson had a false start penalty, resulting in Buddy taking away first for this contest.

On the final day of the Dewberry Races, Buddy crossed the finish line with a time of 1:10.62, his fastest of the meet, but only second place.  Except, once again, poor driving helped Buddy win the heat because one of Kurt’s outriders knocked over a barrel.

Overall, Buddy’s combined time for the Dewberry Races was 3:31.52, which placed him in the top ten among all the drivers in the competition.  Buddy also won the Clean Driver Award for his penalty free performance.  Up next for Buddy and the World Financial Group (WFG)-tarped chuckwagon is the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, which begins on June 9.

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