The 2009-10 Grand Slam of Curling season came to an end last week with the Player’s Championship held in Dawson Creek, BC.  Among the competitors were the World Financial Group-sponsored Ferbey 4, consisting of Randy Ferbey, David Nedohin, Scott Pfeifer and Marcel Rocque.  Here’s how the last tournament of the season played out.

Things began slowly for the team.  Their first opponent in this triple-knockout tournament was Dale Matchett’s rink out of Bradford, ON on Tuesday, April 13.  While the Ferbey rink had the hammer and scored two rocks in the first end, those were the only two rocks they’d score as Dale’s rink won this one 5-2 in seven ends.  Later that evening, the four men in the WFG logo curling shirts took on Martin Ferland out of Quebec.  Despite Ferland having the hammer, the Ferbey 4 took eight ends to win the game 8-6.  Five of those eight rocks were scored in the second end.

Our WFG-sponsored curling rink returned to “the house” on April 14 to take on Glenn Howard’s rink out of Coldwater, ON.  Glenn’s rink had the hammer and used it to win 8-4 in six ends.

That loss provided a day off four the Ferbey 4, but they returned on Friday, April 16 to take on the Edmonton rink of Ted Applemam.  The day off proved to be fruitful for the Ferbey 4, as the rested team needed only needed six ends to win 9-4.

The very next morning saw the WFG-sponsored Ferbey rink up against Reid Carruther’s rink from Winnipeg, MB.  But the match didn’t last long as Randy and the team had and used the hammer to win 7-1 in four ends.  David and Marcel tied for highest accuracy with 94%.  The win qualified the Ferbey 4 for the quarterfinals.

Unfortunately, the quarterfinals would be the furthest the Ferbey team would get in the Player’s Championship.  Their opponent in the game, Brad Gushue’s rink out of St. John’s, NF, had the hammer and used it to knock our guys out of the tournament by a score of 8-3.  Among the team, Marcel had the best accuracy with 97%.

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