When you hear the word “casino”, you mainly think of slot machines, roulette wheels, shooting dice, blackjack, that sort of thing.  Or maybe you think of locations: Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  It never occurred to me that casinos would exist in Canada, but they do.  In fact, the Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario is the only First Nation’s commercial casino in the province.  And this weekend, WFG’s own Ferbey 4 will be playing there.  But it’s not what you think.


World Financial Group's Randy, David, Scott and Marcel have been invited to participate in the Casino Rama Curling Skins Game.  They’ll be playing against Kevin Martin at 1 PM Saturday.  At 8 PM Saturday, other invitees Glenn Howard and Jennifer Jones will square off to determine who will play in the final on Sunday at 1 PM.  The cash purse will be somewhere around $100,000.  When I saw that, my eyebrows went up.  And I should also mention that Jennifer Jones is the first women’s rink to be invited to this game.  This will be very interesting.


If you live in Canada, coverage of WFG's Ferbey 4 will be provided on TSN.  says, take The House, Ferbey 4!

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